Food protection is an important aspect in regulating food safety from production, storage, processing & serving. Food handlers really need to understand this concept, so that the implementation of Food Safety could work well.

This ServSafe Food Protection Training is about how to provide safe food by analyzing & controlling critical points in the food flow starting from receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, and serving.

iCLEAN as a national brand in providing cleaning solution, in collaboration with Prasetiya Mulya University will hold a ServSafe Food Protection Training on 11-12 February 2019.

In this training, participants are invited to understand in detail & clearly from the theory untuil the online test will be conducted.

For further information, please see the flyer or contact Roza Permata (E-Mail: roza@iclean.co.id / Phone: 0812-1999-9905).


Jakarta April 5, 2017 – The 14th Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 Exhibition was being the Jakarta International Expo on 5 to 8 April 2017.

The exhibition was attended by 1,600 companies from 50 countries. The Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 exhibition organizer, Wiwiek Roberto, expects the event to be a means to enhance the competitiveness of domestic companies specialized in the food processed, hotels, and retail industries.

This event also held a cooking competition organized by the Association of Culinary Professional (ACP). ACP is an organization formed by culinary practitioners who have concerns for the development of Indonesian culinary arts. The goal is to create cooks to have culinary arts, on the other hand it also can increase the skills and knowledge of Indonesian culinary.

Joined by more than 750 participants from both inside and outside the country such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar. The competition is divided into 5 categories: Pastry Display & Live, Artistic Display and Practical, Plated Food Display, Practical Cooking (Live) and Young Chef Competition Junior Only <25 years.

As a form of support for the Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 event, iCLEAN is working with the Santika Hotel Training to provide a team of 20 cleaners. This team was formed to clean the cooking competition area during the event.

When interviewed, the iCLEAN team which is represented by Paul Christi, said the role of iCLEAN at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 are to support Cooking Competition and ready to become a partner in cleanliness solutions at any time. Paul Christi one of the experts in field of cleanliness with more than 20 years of experience.

Product Launching – Wipe & Go and Enzymatic

ICLEAN has been established since 2007. Over the past 10 years iCLEAN already has a distribution network in 25 big cities in Indonesia. This development is done to help iCLEAN supports is customer needs.

Currently iCLEAN produces more than 120 types of cleaning chemical products for hotel industry, food service, food and beverages industry, and medicare. Not only producing cleaning chemical, iCLEAN also provides education on how to  do good and right cleaning activities to the customers.

This year iCLEAN attended a trade show – Expo Clean & Expo Laundry 2017 For 3 days, from 23 – 25 March 2017. The event that start from 10 am to 5 pm was located in Hall A JIExpo Kemayoran. At this event iCLEAN launched its newest products which are Wipe & Go and Enzymatic. The launch of this products was attended by more than 100 participants every day. At the event all participants seemed enthusiastic and enjoyed the presentation delivered by David Handriyanto as Managing Director of iCLEAN.

Wipe & Go is an alcohol-based cleaner packed in 15ml sachets. Its application is very easy which is mix the product with water into Spray Bottle. The use of Wipe & Go does not require rinsing because it quickly evaporates and does not leave any residue afterward. Easy application not products & doses can be used to clean hard surfaces, such as; glass, marble, granite, ceramic, stainless steel, bath-up shower, quick hand wash and bowl toilet. Quaternary Ammonium in it is effective to kill various viruses & bacteria. Wipe & Go is a one step product for hygiene & sanitation.

Enzymatic products are a combination of products that is designed for detergents in laundry systems. The enzyme with in it can remove oil stains, blood samples,  cosmetics and others. Low alkali and active at low temperatures make the cloth or towel become brighter and more durable, softer. Low enzyme and alkaline make this product environmentally friendly.

iCLEAN Participate in 2nd Gathering of Gastropreneurship Community

Gastropreneurship Community is a community that was formed with the aim of becoming a gathering and sharing of experience between entrepreneurs Café and Resto in Jakarta. Every two to three months, each member gathered to discuss a variety of interesting topics to help the development of café & resto business.

Gastropreneurship Communnity Gathering held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 11 am to 5 pm and located at Tawangmangu Terrace, is the second event held by this community. The event which was attended by more than 35 participants has an amazing interest. An event titled “One to Many” event, is expected to help & inspire participants, especially restaurant owners who want to duplicate their booth or restaurant. Participants are usually not only from Jakarta, but also from outside Jakarta.


Gastropreneurship Community invites Chef Stefu who is the Executive Chef and founder of APREZ Catering (Group AMUZ GOURMET REST). Chef Stefu had been around for 30 years in the culinary world. On this occasion, he shared his experience on how to create a new restaurant & duplicate the restaurant. First of all is to determine the desired type of ownership that is an independent restaurant by opening a branch or independent restaurant without a branch or want to open a franchise. Then determine who will be the head chef, which will help maintain the quality of the food served. Next, determine whether to use a consultant or not, because the area for the kitchen should be at least 30% of the total restaurant area. Make sure to make the menu at the beginning of the plan to set up a restaurant in order to facilitate the operation of the restaurant.

The iCLEANteam represented by Paul Christi who is a trainer and Food Safety Consultant for ± 20 years said that when opening a restaurant business must build a cleanliness standard. This standard is consistent with the use of sequence of work series with food hygiene & cleanliness of place to achieve maximum result and efficient. The goal is for the restaurant can be better & always clean. Implementation of hygiene standards can eliminate a large number of hygiene issues, which are often an important factor and are noticed by visitors.

Ade as Cleaning Consultant from Cleanshop Online, agree that hygiene standards are important. Cleanshop online is an online store that provides hygiene solutions for individuals and industries. Cleanshop Mobile consists of Cleaning Consultant and Field Support to help customers directly by providing education and hygiene services

Sovi Chan through her flagship brand FOMAC & MUTU provides information about the need to establish & duplicate the restaurant. Focusing on food and beverage processing machinery, FOMAC provides kitchen supplies ranging from small scale to home appliances, small to medium-sized businesses and reaching the nationwide.

Coach Bram a bussines coach from ActionCOACH shares tips to entrepreneurs about how to run an autopilot business and duplicate a restaurant business. A business owner is a specialist & generalist who is usually tired of being an employee, having passion in the culinary world, wants to earning more money, and more. A business must have a goal set forth in the form of vision and mission. What and how the business is shaped. Coach Bram is currently coaching 30 business owners, explaining the financial factor is not less important where you should understand Avarange Check, fix cost and variable cost and have the quality to maintain the consistency of making food & the process of serving to the customer.

At the end of the event, David Handriyanto as moderator said, “In the future, the surviving company is a company that can adapt to changing times, big size does not matter that the company is the most important healthy. Adaptation to the development of that era is the key “. Gathering is expected to help food business actors share their experiences.

Coffee or Tea Stains on Cups??

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while relaxing is something that is difficult to deny pleasures. It was a moment of pleasant, until the time it is your turn to wash the cups in the kitchen. When too often we use to serve coffee or tea, will usually cause a dull brownish color on our favorite cups. You will find tea or coffee stains are difficult to remove. It becomes a sign of a very disturbing sight when drinking.

Due to the nature of the tea and coffee that contain natural plant dyes that can leave dull stains on cups and glasses. Usually it appears the color changes we became aware after a week of continuous use. Suppose you are the owner of a restaurant of his that also sells tea and coffee. It must have been you will find your glasses and cups that started dull due to tea and coffee.

ICLEAN provide a solution easily and maximum clean for a cup or glass of your coffee or tea stains. STAINAWAY, one solution for coffee or tea stains are stubborn.

Clean Chrome and Remove Rust Without Expensive Maintenance

Chrome is a resilient material, but it does take some maintenance to keep it clean and shiny. Rust can form on chrome because tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye develop over time. This exposes the material underneath to oxygen, and surface rust appears from the oxidation process. Other conditions that can keep chrome from looking its best include soap scum and mildew on bathroom fixtures and general dust and grime in any setting. Luckily, in most cases chrome can be kept clean, restored to its previous condition, and protected from further damage easily and inexpensively. Read on to find out how to clean chrome and remove rust without expensive cleaners.

Use Cream Brilliance to guard the shiny of every chrome materials, the product is design to return the original shiny of chrome, copper and brass. By using regular periodically maintenance will renew any chrome, copper and brass.

Baked-on food soil on Grill…? No more!

New Year’s Eve is a profitable event for Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel because especially to foodies and travelers looking for a new atmosphere in the celebration with a partner, friends, family or business associates. Mostly Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel present a special New Year’s Eve to attract customers with a variety of unique theme and usually is less complete without servings of barbecue (BBQ). But after the party, the grill usually is baked-on food soil, impressed dirty and unhygienic.

Some of these tips, frequently used by the Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel to clean a dirty grill and charred, namely: closing bars of the grill with aluminum foil with shiny side not on the outside. Then bake for 10-12 minutes. When aluminum foil is opened, you will see the dirt off and grill bars were clean then wash the grill with a powder cleanser. However, the results are often not optimal and the charred remains.

ICLEAN give a solution in a minute, easy and maximum clean for all your cooking equipment that charred like grills, ovens, and fryers. GREEZAWAY, one solution for burning stubborn stains.

Prove it!

Sub-Freezing Environment: The danger you should know

Many people think that by freezing the food will kill bacteria, but there is a particular type of bacteria has the spores can survive even at minus temperatures below zero ° C.

Storage Area in the Refrigerator and Freezer Storage is used to prevent food from harmful temperature, the temperature where bacteria can breed very well at temperature of 41 ° F – 135 ° F (5 ° C – 57 ° C).

Refrigerator Storage at cold temperatures is 41 ° F (5 ° C), as well as cold temperatures in the Freezer Storage which is 0 ° F (-18 ° C), will only slow growth of microorganisms. If storage is not handled properly then the bacteria that was created because of contamination of food, water, sewage, human and insects would have survived then causing food spoilage and disease that may not be eliminated by cooking processes. Some bacteria that have the spores are Salmonella spp, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens, and Bacillus cereus.


The Internal temperature storage of the refrigerator should always be considered, in order to maintain the internal temperature of foods on specifically, refrigeration air temperature must be at least 2 ° F (1 ° C) lower than the desired temperature. For example, to maintain the internal temperature of poultry meat at 41 ° C (5 ° C), the air temperature in the refrigerator should be at least 39 ° C (4 ° C). At least once in each shift, staff should pay attention to the temperature to the Refrigerator and Freezer Storage, if there is no thermometer on the unit it is able to use a thermometer hanging in the hottest part of the refrigerator.


Another thing to be noted is the Load Factor. Do not give over load on the refrigerator, because it can prevent air circulation and makes the unit work harder to keep the temperature cool. Save each food/raw food on the shelf storage according to its kind, this is to prevent the occurrence of contamination such as the description at the beginning of the paragraph. If food can not be stored separately, store cooked foods or ready to eat food at the top section (above the fresh meat, poultry and fish). This will prevent raw product liquid from dripping into the prepared food and cause foodborne illness. The following is a recommendation to keep food from top to bottom: 1. Food cooked and ready to eat food, 2. Fresh meat, 3. Sliced beef, 4. Chicken Meat / Poultry

Sanitation of Sub-Freezing Environment

There are different kinds of Cool Storage include: walk-in coolers / freezers, upright freezers, cool / fish box, ice cream counter, refrigerator for meat and vegetable. To maintain sanitation in sub-freezing environment ICLEAN presents COOL CLEAN as the first product in Indonesia NO RINSE, NO DIRT, NO SOIL FOOD, NO BLOOD, NO TIRE TREAD MARKS.

Different Types, One Solution!

Refrigerated Storage & Frozen Storage is familiar to be heard. Both of these food storage system is always needed especially in fast food industry as well as full service restaurant.

Similar but not the same in both these subfreezing environments, Refrigerated Storage at temperature of 5°C or lower can only slow the growth of microorganism. In addition to regularly monitor the temperature in the refrigerator, it is important not to place too much load, as it will prevent air circulation and makes the unit work harder. Cooked food and raw food should be separated. The same points should also be noted in Frozen Storage. However, be aware that the bacteria could still be alive again at a temperature that has been frozen.

IClean presents COOL CLEAN, designed exclusively for use once the process of cleaning and sanitation in the area walk-in coolers / freezers, upright freezers, cool / fish box, ice cream counter, refrigerator for meat and vegetable, and other cold storage areas without having to turn off the freezer so that saving time. COOL CLEANeffectively cleans dirt like frozen food stains, blood, tire marks in the freezer and frost.

Cream Poliz

Water quality at hotel mostly has high level water hardness, it caused additional stain at shower glass, shower and sanitary etc.  In industrial Area & Consumer mostly cleaned with other heavy acid base, it will leave item grainy. If clean to tile surface, it will cause corrosive on surface.

With Cream Poliz today, it is easy to remove all kind of stubborn dirt, soil and stain on all kind hard surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain, mirror and glass, bath tubs, sanitary etc. and uniquely designed as thick creamy liquid to provide longer contact time, with lemon fragrance to leave fresh clean image.

Cream Poliz is available for Industrial, Restaurant, Home Industry food & beverage, Catering, Supermarket and Mini Market, Hotel, Household and many more.

See the difference!

Cream Brilliance

Indonesia is high humidity weather country, and it cause soft metals oxidized and greenish. With Cream Brilliance regular cleaning will return originally shiny brass, copper and chrome.  This product is designed to return original shiny brass, copper and chrome. Using regular periodically maintenance will renew any brass copper and chrome and will leave no scratch marks.

The advantages of Cream Brilliance is good quality so the results are better than imported products, the Cream Brilliance be a solution for soft metal. With the ready to use product, will facilitate the application of the brass, copper and chrome as well as save processing time. Tube-shaped packaging makes it easy to carry and store.

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