One group of hospitality companies that become the place of choice hotels, resorts, apartments and villas in Asia Pacific, York International is a hotel management company in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia and a portfolio of more than 140 hotels.

Archipelago Group International manages five-star hotel and luxury villas and hotels operating under the brand: Grand Aston, Aston, Aston City, Crimson, Quest, favehotel, NEO, Alana and Kamuela. To improve the quality of the place and its services, the Archipelago International group held housekeeping workshop for the Greater Jakarta area with iCLEAN on June 23, 2014 in NEO+ Green Savana Hotel Sentul City. iCLEAN provide knowledge about the cleanliness of housekeeping world. This opportunity will certainly facilitate the housekeeper to learning and sharing of Cleanliness knowledge.

To support this event, iCLEAN already preparing for the world’s best material housekeeping. With great enthusiasm the pesertapun attempt to ask as much as possible in order to get a good understanding of the world of cleanliness. In addition to the material provided, iCLEAN also invite participants to demo the latest products STAIN AWAY. how to clean stubborn stains on the garment material that are often encountered in the hotel. The purpose of this workshop is to educate as well as a forum for participants to find solutions about the cleanliness of the hotel. The event received a warm welcome from the group Archipelago International Jabodetabek area with the presence of more than 20 participants, due to hygiene also contributed to each group Archipelago International hotels spread across Indonesia.


iCLEAN enliven Housekeeping Exhibition & Seminar – IHKA (Indonesian Indonesian HHousekeeper), Friday, June 6, 2014 at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel Bali. Bali is a tourist spot which increases both developed and developing. Progress a tourism destination will never be achieved without the support of competent human resources.

Here IHKA Bali is a place for all Executive Housekeeper take a strategic role in helping improve the quality of human resources to support the development of tourism in Bali which is a national asset. Annual event with the theme of “Do The Right Thing” was attended by all members of both five-star hotel, non-star, villas and hospitals, and even from education tourism.

iCLEAN follow this event with a booth that surprised the participants, since the first launch a sub brand products iCLEAN, STAIN AWAY. At this event, iCLEAN invites the participants to see the latest product demos and selling at a special price. The response of participants and visitors to the booth iCLEAN very good. Participants were welcomed by the team and the participants were very enthusiastic iCLEAN see a demonstration conducted by a team iCLEAN.

See you at next Exhibtion & Housekeeping Seminar – IHKA

iCLEAN support Funducation Program By Sriboga Food Group

Sriboga Food Group oversees some restaurants brand, including Pizza Hut Indonesia, Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) and Marugame Udon are focused in the food business. Sriboga Food Group held Funducation in several Vocational High Schools.

Funducation is a program that is on the agenda Sriboga Food Group each year. The event was held on 22 to 23 April 2014 in the two schools aims to share knowledge about the hospitality and sanitation with Vocational School. The first day, the event was held at the Vocational High School Jayawisata 2 – Pangkalan Jati, East Jakarta, for the second day, the event was held at SMKN 57 – Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

Ulie Latuputty as the representative of Sriboga Food Group opened the event followed the teacher and students with a total of more than 100 participants for each school. In keeping with the theme of the event Funducation, Sriboga Food Group and iCLEAN educate interesting, starting with an explanation of the application of hospitality, to sanitation and personal hygiene to all participants.

In addition to education, iCLEAN give interesting gifts and product support to the school in the form of Bathklin, toilet cleaners as much as 100 liters for each school. With this Funducation held, great hopes Sri Boga Food Group & iCLEAN that the school and the students always maintain the cleanliness and making it a lifestyle.


Housekeeping Workshop With Hotel Santika Indonesia

Who does not know the Santika Hotel??

One of the stars hotel that became the place of choice to share time with family and a place of choice for business events, and other important events. Currently there are 27 hotels throughout Indonesia. To improve the quality of the place and its service to hotel guests, Santika Indonesia held a Housekeeping Workshop with iCLEAN on 26 November 2013 at the Hotel Santika Premiere Jakarta. Santika Indonesia asks iCLEAN to provide knowledge about the cleanliness. This opportunity will certainly facilitate the learning and sharing of knowledge housekeeper hotel cleanliness.

To support this event, iCLEAN has prepared material about the world of housekeeping. With great enthusiasm the participants trying to ask as much as possible in order to get a good understanding of the world of cleanliness. In addition to the material provided, iCLEAN also invite participants to demo how to clean some dirty spots risky with a high degree of soiling. The purpose of this workshop is to educate as well as a forum for participants to find solutions about the cleanliness of the hotel. The event received a warm welcome from Santika with more than 60 attendees, for the contribution of cleanliness to Santika Hotel.

iCLEAN as a “Cleaning Partner” in the Pizza Maker Junior 2013 and The Longest Pizza by Pizza Hut Indonesia

Pizza Hut as a mid casual dining and Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) as the focus of the restaurant with the concept of “delivery service” is different from the previous concept of delivery service doing an unforgettable experience by holding a Junior Pizza Maker 2013, by Record Musem Indonesia (MURI) record-breaking activity for the longest pizza category in Indonesia.

Pizza Hut with “Rumah Zakat” bring as many as 420 orphans and school children aged 10-12 years to make a pizza. Target makes the pizza longest 250 meters can be exceeded by orphans and school children are capable of making pizza along 266.38 meters.

In total there are 500 pan pizza sized 30 x 60 cm were assembled without distance. After the event, the pizza sold to visitors and other people. Proceeds will be donated to “Rumah Zakat”.

The event is to motivate children to love the culinary world as well MURI record for the longest pizza category in Indonesia. Desire is packaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), titled Junior Pizza Maker 2013 on November 20, 2013, which coincides with the Universal Children’s Day, held at GOR Pertamina Simprug, South Jakarta.

This event can not be separated from the activities of cleaning before and after making a pizza, one of them with a sanitizing hands and cookware. The activity was sponsored by iCLEAN participating as a cleaning partner in this event. iCLEAN very concerned with cleanliness wherever and whatever their activities, because cleanliness is a key to health. Therefore iCLEAN pleased to be sponsoring this event.

Commemorating Chef International Day With Seminar “Show Your Cullinary Capability” with ACP (Association of Cullinary Professionals)

Considering the Inportant of food safety, iCLEAN Indonesia in collaboration with the ACP (Association of Culinary Professionals) on October 20, 2013 at Trisakti Institute of Tourism held a seminar titled Food Hygiene with the theme “Show Your Ability Cullinary” International Chef Day with the number of participants nearly 200 people.

The event was attended by students Vocational High School (SMK) and college majoring in tourism or hospitality is held free of charge for the participants. The speaker David Handriyanto as Managing Director iCLEAN, provide materials on how to recognize healthy food, clean and safe to be processed and consumed. Not only recognize how food, but also how the cleanliness of cooking utensils and dining equipment.

Food, accoutrements eat and cutlery that are not kept clean is a main cause of food poisoning, diarrhea, and stomachache. Food poisoning usually occurs by eating contaminated food that the bacteria. In addition, personal hygiene is a major factor that can prevent the disease.

With regard to this matter iCLEAN expects that the given material can be beneficial to the student in study and in later works.

Special Training For Restaurant

In realizing the hygiene reputation and high standard restaurant, you can participate or engage your staff in a seminar of SS Restaurant Training. What is SS Restaurant Training seminar? and what benefits for your restaurant? We will explain it here.

As one of the leading association restaurant in Jakarta, SS Restaurant Training provides the training needed to improve, fix and maintain internal quality of the restaurant to the customers’ eyes. This event held every month.

Currently the restaurant business is very promising. There are so many developments and new restaurants from middle to upper class, this growth could be a challenge to restaurant owners or managers to compete of becoming the best one of culinary services. However, those thing is not enough. In SS Restaurant Training you can follow the training of human resources (HR) who work in it into keep clean and sanitary kitchen to maintain the health of its customers.

In this case the SS Restaurant Training and ICLEAN have the same goal to improve the standards of hygiene and sanitation restaurant, for that ICLEAN support the events that held every month as a sponsor.

Wow Housekeeping Service!!!

Success of the event, titled “WOW Housekeeping Services” by the Indonesian Housekeeping Association (IHKA) in Bali, has resulted the election of I Nyoman Sugiarta as a Director of Housekeeping – Complex, St regist & Laguna, become a Chairman of IHKA in period of 2012 to 2015 with the acquisition of 185 votes of 319 Musda participants in attendance.

The event was held on May 11, 2012 at Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Sanur, Bali was presenting Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati Ardhana, M.Si, as Chairman of BPD PHRI Bali, also Rahmat Sugianto as Chairman of BPP IHKA, IHKA BPD Lombok, North Sumatra, Jakarta, East Java, West Java and IHKA Singapore that always in synergize with IHKA Indonesia.

At the end of his speech, Rahmat Sugianto expects that through the newly elected chairman, IHKA be one solid association. Association can advance both in Bali, as well as in other areas.

Housekeeping Workshop & Exhibition

I-Clean will again enliven Housekeeping Workshop & Exhibition – IHKA in Bali. The event of new board election for the period 2012 – 2017 will be enlivened with interesting attractions by I-Clean.

To show concern and support for the Indonesian housekeeper, I-Clean present in IHKA Bali as a main sponsor. In addition, the event will be filled with seminars on the topic “WOW HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE” with keynote speaker from Action Coach Jakarta, Chintya Wihardja and guest stars Indra Udayana from the Ashram Gandhi Puri. Not just it, on this occasion I-Clean will distribute free drinks and other interesting souvenirs.

Come join the IHKA – Bali, on 11 May 2012 at Sanur Paradise Plaza and visit the booth of I-Clean to get info about the cleanliness and attractive prizes, see you …

2nd Summit Meeting in Bali

Lively, exciting, fun and of course cohesive are the atmosphere we can describe once present as one of the sponsors for the Indonesian Chef Association (ICA) in Bali, which has lasted on January 23-26. For the implementation of the event Chef Henry Alexie Bloem elected as a President of Indonesian Chef Association, and this is his second period as the President of Indonesian Chef Association

What are the activities?

Beside for the election of the new ICA, the 2nd Summit Meeting was also the event of exhibition for all industries related to the culinary such as Restaurant and Cafe up to the cleanliness of behind the kitchen. Of course there are many supporters this event one of it is ICLEAN that promising hygiene and sanitation in the dirtiest area of a restaurant or Café.

Congratulations on the election of Chef Henry Alexie Bloem.

Peel The “Hygiene & Sanitation” among The Businessmen Of Food

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 is eagerly awaited by the food businessmen. Because of that day is the time to dig as much information about the ins and outs of the food business, especially in terms of Hygiene & Sanitation.

ICLEAN supported the seminar that been held by SS Training by sharing the education to audience about the importance of Hygiene & Sanitation, especially in Sub-Freezing Environment. There are things that were not realized by the businessmen: the bacteria can still survive in their cold storage. It is important to realize the impact of its danger, because it can cause rotten food up to foodborne illness.

In such seminar ICLEAN has introduced COOL CLEAN, specially formulated to clean & sanitary cold storage such as freezers and refrigeration. A new formula that has been awaited by the businessmen in food industry.

ICLEAN Was “Sharing” To The Chef Association

ICLEAN together with Association Culinary Professionals (ACP) was held ACP Gathering on Monday, 28th November 2011 at The Cafe By Amuz – The Energy Building.

The event began with the opening speech from the chairman of the ACP, Chef Vindex Tengker and it has been awaited by the chef association, because in this time of gathering ICLEAN conveyed the important information about the bacteria that can still survive in food storage, especially refrigerators and freezers – are in general, many people think that the bacteria are dead in cold temperatures below minus zero degrees Celsius.

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