TEI Toward International Standard

Trade Expo International (TEI) is entering a new phase this year, the second phase of revitalization that has begun in 2006. Revitalization has been carried out after the annual export exhibition, which was called “Resourced Indonesia”. Had been performed for 25 years since 1986.

As stated by Minister of Trade, Mari Elka Pangestu, TEI is a concrete step taken by the government to increase exports and at the same time to create a positive image of Indonesia in international forum. One of them is ICLEAN which is a local company that is ready to expand their organizations into international markets through Trade Expo International. Trade is an important pillar in forming nation branding of a country. Quality product, which are recognized by the world have positive image of a nation, so it would create a domino effect in the form of increasing export.

The consistency in organizing, improvement and the result obtained by the annual export promotion event such as TEI, has shown the serious government’s view on the importance of exports in the country’s economic development in the past, present and future. Since the beginning, TEI’s achievement are satisfying, therefore the continuity is needed to support export development in the coming years.

This has also became the base for spirit and commitment to continuously developing and improving TEI so it would meet the qualification and standard of export exhibition in international level hat emphasize on business-to business (B-to-B) model, which presents a complete representative of Indonesian potential and main product and services from time to time. For that purpose, the Ministry of Trade has begun revitalization in phases since 2006, which was also marked with renaming resource Indonesia into Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI). The first phase of revitalization had been carried out in 2006-2010, the second phase will be in 2011-2015.

The second phase of revitalization is emphasized on the effort to make TEI as international agenda, presenting domestic product with quality and prestige. The organizing of TEI 2011 is entering the first year of Revitalization Phase II. The theme is also the same with the previous year, “Remarkable Indonesia”. The sub-theme reflects the remarkable potential of natural richness, human resources, creativity, and innovation owned by Indonesia.

Association of Culinary Professionals Gathering

The shady friday afternoon on August 12, 2011  was the choosen time for the community of indonesian culinary gathering together. Association of Culinary Professionals or ACP
again held a gathering to all its members of the culinary at Dapur Selera, Panini, Tebet. In its warm unity was also attended by ACP President, Chef Vindex Valentino Tengker.

ACP Gathering is a great time in which members of the ACP exchanging info on culinary of Indonesia and strengthen ties, the gathering usually held once a month, this time gathering is a special day because it coincided with the birthday of late Mrs. Suryatini Ganie’s husband, the founder of the Association of Culinary Professionals.

Look forward to the latest news of ACP with IClean!

Food Safety dan Basic Cleaning Chemistry di Brooaster Chicken

Is your cooking utensil is baked on food soil? Do not be frustrating to clean the soil and stain on it.

I-Clean always provide solutions that are easy to clean up what you need. Not only provide solutions, I-Clean is also devoted to provide training to maintain standards of cleanliness and effectiveness.

I-Clean crew held the training of food safety – Food Safety and Basic Cleaning Chemistry at Brooaster Chicken in Koja Trade Mall, Jakarta.

The training was sharing information about food safety and product presentation for baked on food soil and carbon stain on oven, grill, griddle, deep fryer, pot and pan, wok and other cooking utensil. They can be cleaned and removed easily with Greezeaway – the high effective product for use on ovens, grills, deep fryers and combi-steamers.

PHD Food Safety Training

Who does not know Pizza Hut?

This one of Pizza Restaurant is certainly has a lot of fans of all ages. No doubt Pizza Hut is often to be a  family’s chosen place as well as young people to share time together. To expand its service to the Indonesian, Pizza Hut provides delivery service, PHD 30 minutes. This opportunity will certainly make it easier for customers to enjoy pizza anywhere.

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