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Competition in the industry is not just about beautiful places and facilities owned, but hygiene and sanitation to be a highly considered. The tourism industry such as hotels, restaurants, and public services such as hospitals, airports, stations are racing to improve itself in providing the best service to the customer. Hygiene aspect is a major concern that is important to improve customer convenience and the general public. Cleanliness or hygiene is become increasingly important words in line with the cultural awareness of clean and healthy. Not only individual who think cleanliness is important, as well as in the industrial sector.

In practice, maintaining the cleanliness was not an easy job, the necessary knowledge and skills will be the type of equipment or object to be cleaned. Including the type of dirt or stains to be cleaned, how aspects of sanitation and disinfectant cleaning process, dry chemical suitable and correct as well as various tips & tricks to get optimal results.

iCLEAN as a national brand in providing hygiene and sanitation solutions Cleanliness Management organized the first workshop as a commitment in providing solutions for the hygiene industry. It is not only know the various types of chemical cleaning products, but how to use proper.

The workshop was attended by over 25 participants was held on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at the Aston at Kuningan Suites in Jakarta. Learning Center iCLEAN trying to help practitioners and professionals in the tourism sector and public service in order to further explore the many ways in managing aspects of hygiene.


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