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New Year’s Eve is a profitable event for Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel because especially to foodies and travelers looking for a new atmosphere in the celebration with a partner, friends, family or business associates. Mostly Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel present a special New Year’s Eve to attract customers with a variety of unique theme and usually is less complete without servings of barbecue (BBQ). But after the party, the grill usually is baked-on food soil, impressed dirty and unhygienic.


Some of these tips, frequently used by the Restaurant, Cafe & Hotel to clean a dirty grill and charred, namely: closing bars of the grill with aluminum foil with shiny side not on the outside. Then bake for 10-12 minutes. When aluminum foil is opened, you will see the dirt off and grill bars were clean then wash the grill with a powder cleanser. However, the results are often not optimal and the charred remains.

ICLEAN give a solution in a minute, easy and maximum clean for all your cooking equipment that charred like grills, ovens, and fryers. GREEZAWAY, one solution for burning stubborn stains.


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