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New technology for restoration process!

Revitalizer Dry applicable for marble, granite, terrazzo and homogenous tile.

With the action of thermal force of the polisher machine and the white-pad, the Revitalizer Dry can uniformly penetrate into the gaps of molecules and then solidify into a high-strength rigid transparent protective layer, just like form a crystal shield.

  • No Water-No Messy and easy to clean up
  • No need pre-stripping process. Very simple-improve high productivity
  • Less product equipment & tools required » less equipment investment
  • One product for all calcium base surfaces application: Marble, Terrazo, Granite, Cement Floor & Homogenous Tile
  • Available for neutral and black surface color

Available in two variants:

  1. Revitalizer Dry Neutral → Colored surface than black
  2. Revitalizer Dry Black → For black surface


Consult iCLEAN’s representative for achieving expected result.

  • Packaging: 1 ltr
  • E-Mail: customercare{@}iclean.co.id

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