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In realizing the hygiene reputation and high standard restaurant, you can participate or engage your staff in a seminar of SS Restaurant Training. What is SS Restaurant Training seminar? and what benefits for your restaurant? We will explain it here.

As one of the leading association restaurant in Jakarta, SS Restaurant Training provides the training needed to improve, fix and maintain internal quality of the restaurant to the customers’ eyes. This event held every month.

Currently the restaurant business is very promising. There are so many developments and new restaurants from middle to upper class, this growth could be a challenge to restaurant owners or managers to compete of becoming the best one of culinary services. However, those thing is not enough. In SS Restaurant Training you can follow the training of human resources (HR) who work in it into keep clean and sanitary kitchen to maintain the health of its customers.

In this case the SS Restaurant Training and ICLEAN have the same goal to improve the standards of hygiene and sanitation restaurant, for that ICLEAN support the events that held every month as a sponsor.


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