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Alcohol – based multi surface cleaner that is used to clean surface, such as: glass, marble, granite, ceramic, stainless steel, bath-up shower, and toilet bowl. Easy to evaporate thus does not need to rinse after use and does not leave water spots. Quaternary Ammonium is a disinfectant which kill bacteria & viruses effectively. WIPE & GO will give a better clean result and sanitize in one step.

DOSAGE: Regular cleaning conditions = 1 sachet with 1000 ml of water


  1. Dilute 1 sachet of WIPE & GO with 1000 ml of clean water in spray bottle.
  2. Setting the spray into mist spray.
  3. Spray solution of WIPE & GO into microfiber/clean cloth or spray directly to stained surfaces.
  4. Wipe the surfaces.
  5. Let it dries accordingly.

To achieve the expected results, please contact us via email customercare{@}iclean.co.id

  • Packaging: 1 Box = 24 sachets


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