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DEODORIZER PLUS is an active cleaning and disinfectant ingredients with pine fragrance. It is recommended for cleaning public toilets corridors, receiving areas, garbage areas, hospital areas or other areas that cause unpleasant odor, and also places for flies, cockroaches or other insects to appear.


For this kind of stain level:

  • Light soil       = 1 : 100 (Deodorizer : water)
  • Medium soil = 1 : 50    (Deodorizer : water)
  • Heavy soil     = 1 : 20    (Deodorizer : water)


  1. Dilute Deodorizer refer to surface soil level & spray to be cleaned.
  2. Scrub the surface by using mop/soft brush to remove any soil.
  3. Rinse with clean water & air dry.

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  • Packaging: 5 ltr & 25 ltr

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