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Stero-bac Hand Sterilizer is alcohol-based liquid for hand hygiene with medical standards along with skin care components. Easily seep into the pores of the hand, first folds and nail tip. Dries quickly and is not sticky.

The alhocol-based highly efficient against a broad spectrum of microorganism and take effect. This is why hygienic hand disinfection is indispensable.

  • Essential component to hand disinfection is PHMB *, effective and safe for sensitive skin type
  • Extra skin moisturizer components
  • Lab Test Proof from Integrated Laboratory of IPB & Universitas Indonesia


PHMB (poly hexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride) is Broad spectrum activity offers effective control against bacteria, yeasts, mould and Zero VOC (VOC = Volatile organic compounds are a topic that everyone needs to learn about, as they are found in a multitude of household products, and are generally harmful to your health.)

Formula with a basis of alcohol is very effective and efficient against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Has tested in microbiology and dermatology that have been proven safe and effective to use for sterilizing hands.


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  • Packaging: 40 ml & 400 ml.

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