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A fabric deodorizer & softener that can be used to smooth clothes while ironing. With a fresh & long-lasting Floral Bouquet scent.

Softscent with a high concentration of water based and neutral pH which is safe for the skin, this product is able to eliminate electric static on clothes. Does not contain phosphate so it is friendly to the environment.

Recommended usage:

For washing by washing machine:

  • For clothes made of light materials, such as shirts, t-shirts, underwear, etc.; 1 bottle cap is required for washing with a washing machine capacity of 5-7 kg.
  • For types of thick fabrics, such as towels, bathmat (bath mat) etc.; 2 – 3 bottle caps are required for washing with a washing machine with a capacity of 5-7 kg.

For Ironing:

Mix 2-5 Softscent bottle caps with 500 ml of water into a spray bottle, shake until the solution is evenly distributed. Spray directly onto clothes while ironing.

Size: 1 bottle cap (1 ltr) = 10 ml Softscent.

Packaging: 1 ltr

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