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Q-San Toilet Seat Sanitizer is a sanitary product for the toilet seat. This hygienic product protects you from various dangers of cross-contamination from various types of bacteria and viruses and sources of disease due to the concurrent use of the toilet seat, especially in public toilets. Q-San Toilet Seat Sanitizer can provide a hygienic and safe feeling.


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Through Q-San Toilet Seat Sanitizer, it is hoped that people will become more health conscious and can protect themselves from various pathogenic organisms that can cause unwanted diseases. Q-San Toilet Seat Sanitizer has been tested in the laboratory, so it is safe & does not cause skin irritation.

With a 60 ml packaging, making Q-San Toilet Seat Sanitizer easy to carry everywhere. There is no age limit for using this product, starting from children, teenagers and adult women.

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  • Packaging: 60 ml & 5 ltr.

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