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VG WASH is a liquid chlorine sanitizer for use in sanitizing in processing, dairy and beverage industries. This versatile chlorine sanitation is used for sanitizing non-porous equipment surfaces that come into contact with food, controlling bacterial growth, and serving as a sanitation agent for fruits and vegetables, poultry conveyor systems, or fruit and vegetable conveyors.


  • Fruits & Vegetables                                                                                                        : 25 ppm
  • Eggs                                                                                                                                   : 50 ppm
  • Treatment of kitchen & food utensil stainless steel high grade material based: 200 ppm

This product degrades because of evaporation, use chlorine test kit and if necessary add the product, to obtain the required level of available chlorine.


  1. Vegetables & fruits: soak vegetables / fruit ± 1 minute, rinse with running ready to drink water.
  2. Eggs: soak ± 1 minute, clean the egg shell & rinse.
  3. Cups & glasses: after washing with a solution of GENERAL CLEANER, soak in the sink ± 1 minute sanitation, then drain.
  4. Large equipment: after washing, sanitation process with a clean rag moistened VG WASH solution (not too wet), then let it dry. Replace the over use solution.

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  • Packaging: 5 ltr.

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