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GREEZAWAY is highly effective product to clean grease and carbon stain, for use on ovens, grills, deep fryers and combi-steamers as well as racks and support. It is not recommended to be used for soft metal surface such as chrome, copper etc.



For this kind of stain:

  • Heavy= 1 : 1 (GREEZAWAY : water)
  • Medium= 1 : 5 (GREEZAWAY : water)
  • Light= 1 : 15 up to 20 (GREEZAWAY : water)


  1. Heat the surface prior cleaning (55ºC), then spray GREEZAWAY thoroughly on the surface.
  2. Let GREEZAWAY stay on surface for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Rub the surface with scrub pad to remove stubborn dirt ir stains.
  4. Completely, rinse with clean water and continue with manual washing process *(wash-rinse-sanitation)

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  • Packaging: 5 ltr

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