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BACTII-GT → A superior blend of selected naturally occurring bacteria designed to produce exceptional performance over the widest range of organic wastes, also as odour counteraction while penetrating to attack and break down the organic source of the odour.


Grease Trap

  1. Daily basis (generally 300-500 ml).
  2. Divide above dosage by 3 and feed through automated peristatic feeders in equal portion after shut down.
  3. Physically inspect traps for 3 months and adjust feed accordingly.

Grease Clogged Septic Tank and Cesspool Drain Fields

  1. Based on the capacity and extent of grease clogging, add 25-50 liters of BACTii-GT as an initial treatment. Repeat every two to four weeks at initial dose as required for maintenance.
  2. For systems with a distribution box, pour BACTii-GT into the box. It will work down through the drain field. For a single septic tank add directly to tank or directly into leach bed wheres possible.
  3. For a series of linking cesspools, start using BACTii-GT at the last pool of each branch and work back to the first pool. This provides free drainage and restores proper operation.

Note: Septic tanks or cesspools heavily clogged with solids should be cleaned thoroughly before starting BACTii-GT treatment.

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  • Packaging: 5 ltr.

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