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Pizza Hut as a mid casual dining and Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) as the focus of the restaurant with the concept of “delivery service” is different from the previous concept of delivery service doing an unforgettable experience by holding a Junior Pizza Maker 2013, by Record Musem Indonesia (MURI) record-breaking activity for the longest pizza category in Indonesia.

Pizza Hut with “Rumah Zakat” bring as many as 420 orphans and school children aged 10-12 years to make a pizza. Target makes the pizza longest 250 meters can be exceeded by orphans and school children are capable of making pizza along 266.38 meters.

In total there are 500 pan pizza sized 30 x 60 cm were assembled without distance. After the event, the pizza sold to visitors and other people. Proceeds will be donated to “Rumah Zakat”.

The event is to motivate children to love the culinary world as well MURI record for the longest pizza category in Indonesia. Desire is packaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), titled Junior Pizza Maker 2013 on November 20, 2013, which coincides with the Universal Children’s Day, held at GOR Pertamina Simprug, South Jakarta.

This event can not be separated from the activities of cleaning before and after making a pizza, one of them with a sanitizing hands and cookware. The activity was sponsored by iCLEAN participating as a cleaning partner in this event. iCLEAN very concerned with cleanliness wherever and whatever their activities, because cleanliness is a key to health. Therefore iCLEAN pleased to be sponsoring this event.


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