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The round shape hanger is not pointy, the length of the stick is 140 cm, with the pin / button system makes it easy in replacing the refill, the allumunium stick material is strong and anti-rust. Dust-remover made of 80% cotton with a width of 60 Cm, Cut End type (disconnected) so that the dust can be easily removed, easily dismantled if washed out or refill replacement.

Dimension : 180 x 18 x 6 cm

Available in 4 colors : White, Blue, Green & Yellow.

Color differentiation on mop by International standard aims to facilitate all parties in determining company operational standard, so it will be more hygienic in improving sanitation.

Here are the differentiation based on color, that is:

  • White: Global use.
  • Blue: Common area, like lobby, meeting room / working space.
  • Green: Area-related food areas such as restaurant, dining room, food industry.
  • Yellow: High risk areas such as labs, operating rooms, etc.

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