Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while relaxing is something that is difficult to deny pleasures. It was a moment of pleasant, until the time it is your turn to wash the cups in the kitchen. When too often we use to serve coffee or tea, will usually cause a dull brownish color on our favorite cups. You will find tea or coffee stains are difficult to remove. It becomes a sign of a very disturbing sight when drinking.

Due to the nature of the tea and coffee that contain natural plant dyes that can leave dull stains on cups and glasses. Usually it appears the color changes we became aware after a week of continuous use. Suppose you are the owner of a restaurant of his that also sells tea and coffee. It must have been you will find your glasses and cups that started dull due to tea and coffee.

ICLEAN provide a solution easily and maximum clean for a cup or glass of your coffee or tea stains. STAINAWAY, one solution for coffee or tea stains are stubborn.


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