ICLEAN has been established since 2007. Over the past 10 years iCLEAN already has a distribution network in 25 big cities in Indonesia. This development is done to help iCLEAN supports is customer needs.

Currently iCLEAN produces more than 120 types of cleaning chemical products for hotel industry, food service, food and beverages industry, and medicare. Not only producing cleaning chemical, iCLEAN also provides education on how to  do good and right cleaning activities to the customers.

This year iCLEAN attended a trade show – Expo Clean & Expo Laundry 2017 For 3 days, from 23 – 25 March 2017. The event that start from 10 am to 5 pm was located in Hall A JIExpo Kemayoran. At this event iCLEAN launched its newest products which are Wipe & Go and Enzymatic. The launch of this products was attended by more than 100 participants every day. At the event all participants seemed enthusiastic and enjoyed the presentation delivered by David Handriyanto as Managing Director of iCLEAN.

Wipe & Go is an alcohol-based cleaner packed in 15ml sachets. Its application is very easy which is mix the product with water into Spray Bottle. The use of Wipe & Go does not require rinsing because it quickly evaporates and does not leave any residue afterward. Easy application not products & doses can be used to clean hard surfaces, such as; glass, marble, granite, ceramic, stainless steel, bath-up shower, quick hand wash and bowl toilet. Quaternary Ammonium in it is effective to kill various viruses & bacteria. Wipe & Go is a one step product for hygiene & sanitation.

Enzymatic products are a combination of products that is designed for detergents in laundry systems. The enzyme with in it can remove oil stains, blood samples,  cosmetics and others. Low alkali and active at low temperatures make the cloth or towel become brighter and more durable, softer. Low enzyme and alkaline make this product environmentally friendly.


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